What to wear?

Firstly, and most importantly, wear what feels comfortable

If you’re jeans and t-shirts people, then wear jeans and t-shirts. If you want something a bit more formal, then that’s fine too. You may even want to bring several different looks with you. This is excellent as it will provide more variety in the selection of pictures you see at your viewing. However please note that clothing changes are not possible during mini-sessions, as there simply isn’t enough time.

Little people need lots of changes of clothes!

If your little one is cutting teeth, then there’s going to be dribble, guaranteed! So bring a selection of clothes for your little one. Posh frocks and little suits can look really sweet, though you may also want more casual clothes too.

Consider the colour palette of all the clothes in the group shots

Just like a painter selecting colours for a painting, we’re creating a piece of artwork here. Colour selection is particularly important in group shots, which may have a number of different people, all going for their signature ‘look’. If everybody is wearing all sorts of different colours and patterns, it can sometimes look like an explosion in a paint factory!

Portrait photography is all about the people. This isn’t a fashion shoot! We want the clothes to fade into the background, so that the eye is drawn to the faces, to what’s going on in the picture, to the story it tells and to the emotion that’s been captured. With that in mind, we tend to recommend that you avoid bright colours and bold patterns. Bland is good! That doesn’t mean to say that you all have to match, wearing exactly the same outfits. Rather, agree on a colour palette and then stick to it. I did a family session recently and they were all in different shades of brown – ranging from very dark chocolate brown through beiges to unbleached cotton. They looked fabulous!

It may be more difficult to persuade teenagers to leave behind their latest outfit, especially if it’s really fashionable right now. However, these are often the outfits that make us cringe in 5, 10 or 20 years’ time. If you’re worried about reaching an impasse, then bring both their choice of clothes and yours (that fits into your chosen colour palette) and I can advise all the members of your party on clothing choices during your session.

However, if bold patterns and bright colours are your thing, then remember, the most important thing is to wear what you feel comfortable in. The bright colours of some traditional dress outfits can look fantastic, so take this as guidance, rather than a hard and fast rule.

Your little one is going to look fab whatever they’re wearing!

The advice on colour palette above only applies to babies if there are several of them in the same shot. Otherwise, babies look great in everything – especially their birthday suits!

What to wear on your maternity session

There are additional things to consider for maternity sessions, including what to wear for your journey to the studio. So give me a ring and I’ll go through this with you, and other preparations you may want to consider in advance of your maternity session.

In the studio, you’ll be barefoot

Again, this is actually so that the feet blend more easily into the background and don’t draw the eye away from all those wonderful expressions. Shoes and socks can often draw the eye of the viewer (because they’re never quite as pristine as we think they are!) whereas bare feet will distract less. Maybe you can fit in a pedicure before your shoot!

Will your hands be prominent in the picture?

Some families have a family handshake. Some babies are best photographed (depending on their age) being cradled by their parents. Some maternity images feature heart-shaped hands on the maternity bump. In any of these situations, if you think your hands are going to feature in your images, you may want to consider a manicure in advance of your session. You’ll want those nails looking fabulous.


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