What to bring with you on the day

What to bring with you on the day

Well, what you bring will depend on who’s coming. In general, bring your outfits, accessories, jewellery, hair clips, make-up, hair brushes and anything else you’ll need to ensure that you’re spruced up and looking your best.

Things to bring for little people

I’m not above a little bribery, so make sure that little people have a stock of treats! Although we have lots of toys and puppets and a bubble machine and a million balls and hula hoops (the list goes on) if your little one has a security blanket, a special little friend, or a favourite toy that will help them settle right in then please bring them too. Obviously, I have wipes here, but if your little one has a skin condition and requires a particular type, then please bring them with you. Food is important too, in case all that modelling work gets the better of them and they’re feeling a bit peckish. And of course, nappies – many nappies. Particularly for a newborn shoot, as your baby’s going to be in and out of them all day.

Similarly, for pets, I have two dogs of my own, so I have plenty of treats here. However, I’d hate your dog to get an upset stomach eating something they’re not used to, so bring their favourite treats and toys with you, just to be on the safe side.

Things to bring for your maternity shoot

Again, there are specific considerations for maternity shoots, and we’ll have a consultation, either here in the studio or by phone, in advance of your session to go through all of this with you.

Considerations if you’re looking for something special for the wall

If you’re wanting a piece of wall art for your home (or someone else’s) at the end of this process then here’s a way to introduce your home décor into your images. Consider the style of décor in your home and how that could translate into your choice of clothes and/or props and other things you bring with you on the day. For example, here in the studio, the style is quite contemporary and relaxed. The walls are neutral, I have a wooden floor and a chocolate-brown sofa. However, my accent colour is sage green. So if I introduce a sage green cushion or throw into the pictures, you can guarantee that, once that image is on the wall in this room, it will fit perfectly into the décor. It might sound a bit contrived, but it absolutely makes the images sing! I have a number of cushions and blankets and throws as accessories for my pictures. But if you’d like to bring some of your own then I’d be more than happy to incorporate them into the images for you.


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Kath Cherry

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