Useful preparation advice for your baby portrait session

Don’t miss another magical moment

Do you remember how quickly your baby changed when they were newborn? You may not be so aware of these changes now that your baby is a little bit older, but they’re still developing rapidly. Before you know if they’ll be crawling, sitting, standing and heading off for university! So don’t wait until you have the perfect outfit, or baby is the perfect age before you come to the studio for your portraits. Right now is the perfect age! Just use the advice and tips here and you and baby will be ready for a couple of fun-filled hours in the studio.

Book your baby photography session as early as possible and at a time of the day when baby is at their best I only do 3 portrait sessions per week so availability is very limited. To secure the date you want, book as far in advance as possible. We’ll endeavour to book the session for the time that suits your baby best. So if they’re a morning baby we’ll look to book a morning session or if they’re a bit sleepy until after lunch time then we would look to book an afternoon session, to get them at their absolute best.

Before the session

We have a pre-session consultation before your baby photography session. This usually happens by phone. This is my opportunity to learn more about your artistic preferences and the type of art you’d like me to create for you. We’ll discuss all the creative decisions I’ll be making in the creation of your artwork. This includes the introduction of colour into your images through the use of blankets, props, accessories and clothes. We’ll also discuss whether you’d like elements of your existing décor at home to be included into your images,and how we do that.

Wardrobe choices form an important part of this discussion. Although your baby is never going to look better than when they’re in their birthday suit, some cute outfits increase the variety in your collection of images. Of course we’ll offer advice on what to wear and, more importantly what NOT to wear! There are other blog posts here you can check out for tips on styling for your photography session.

You may also want to bring your little one’s favourite toy. If you do, don’t let them see that it’s in the bag. Let’s keep it as a surprise if we start to see a bottom lip wobble! Plus, give the toy too early and we may not get it back. I don’t think you want their favourite teddy bear in every… single … image!

Why not make a real occasion of it?

Your baby photography session can include siblings and parents too. We can possibly include extended family as well, but check with us in advance, as we’re not over-endowed with space in the studio.

On the day of the session

Firstly, and most importantly, if you or your baby are ill on the day of the session, please don’t soldier on regardless. It never works! If we’re not feeling great, then we’re not going to be looking our best. And that’s going to show in the art I create for you. I want to create artwork that you absolutely fall in love with! The other thing to bear in mind, is that I work with lots of very young babies who’s immune system is yet to develop fully. I have a duty of care to all my teeny tiny models to ensure they’re coming into a hygienic and healthy environment. So it’s much better to just give us a ring and we will reschedule to a time when you and baby can take it all in your stride.

Make sure you bring with you all of the outfits and accessories we discussed at your creative consultation, and anything else you might want included in your portraits. Snacks, toys or anything else your little one is going to consider a treat is a good idea to have in reserve. I’m not above a bit of bribery if needed!

Getting those amazing expressions

We are entertainers as well as photographers. We have puppets, bubbles, balloons, pom poms, toys with lights and all sorts of wondrous stuff to entertain baby and help them look at the camera. I’m quite happy to make a fool of myself for your little one’s entertainment and will run through the various options until we find the thing that delights your baby. However, we tailor our entertainment to your baby’s personality and where they’re at in their development. We’ll work with whatever your baby gives us on the day and however they’re feeling. Rest assured, if they’re just not feeling it on the big day then we will offer to reconvene for a top-up session (at my expense) to ensure you have a complete set of images – all part of the service!

Have I missed anything?

If you still have questions on preparing for your baby photography session then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 020 8691 8699. Looking forward to meeting you and your baby soon.

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Kath Cherry

Kath Cherry

The only fully-qualified Master Photographer in the region specialising in newborn and maternity photography.