you and your family can be in your very own 'old master'!

ever wanted to be the star in an old master?

Ever wish you’d been painted by Rembrandt? Or maybe you’ve got a Mona Lisa smile. Or perhaps your baby is more cherubic than anything painted by Michaelangelo. If you fancy being in your very own Old Master, then here’s your chance.

This project was inspired by some work I created for a Mothers’ Day advertising campaign.  I thought it would be interesting, eye-catching and different to create a campaign inspired by imagery from hundreds of years ago. Because it was Mothers’ Day, what better icon to draw inspiration from than the madonna and child? There are literally thousands of examples of Madonna and Child artwork, here are a few…

It’s worth saying that this isn’t about producing a slavish copy of the original inspiration material. That would be really boring for me unless by emulation I gained some knowledge that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. It’s more about using the source material as inspiration and taking the actual portrait somewhere else, which is bound to happen given that each piece is going to be unique to the subjects. 

so what would be your perfect old master portraits?

What would fit for you and your family? Do you have a favourite artist?  A favourite piece?  Would you like me to recreate it for you, your family and future generations? If all of this has got you inspired then get in touch and let me know your ideas.  It would be great to chat!

I will do anything for art, but I won't do that!

Just in case your mind is running away with you, lets get a note of realism into this. 

  • I won't do anything that endangers me, you or anybody else

    If getting you the portrait you want involves me hanging off the side of a building, I'm going to politely say no to that!

  • i don't just want to create something for you in photoshop

    There are plenty of freelancers or budding graphic artists out there that will do that for you. I want this to be a real live shoot, though of course I'm not averse to a bit of digital magic in post-production.

  • If i'm not feelin' it, i'm not doin' it!

    I am definitely open to ideas about what to create. However if your idea just isn't working for me then again, I'll politely say no. It doesn't mean it's a bad idea, just that it doesn't fit for me to do it right now.

OK, I've got an idea...

Great!  I was hoping you’d say that.  The next step is for you to let me know what it is.  Just fill in your details in the contact form below, describe your idea and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can. If there’s a fit, then we can make some iconic portraits of you and your family, and definitely have some fun in the process.

what's it going to cost?

Standard session fees of £49 for a studio-based session and £295 for a location session will apply in the first instance.  There may be additional travelling and accommodation expenses depending on how grandiose your idea is. The cost of props or accessories that I’m buying specifically for your commission will also need to be considered, but will always be agreed with you in advance.


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