Overview of products and services

Our product range includes an extensive range of wall art, coffee-table books and albums, digital files and tabletop portraits. Prices range from £45 to nearly £2,000 and pretty much everything in between, so it really is entirely up to you how much you spend. My mission is to create a collection of images you absolutely fall in love with, so be prepared to love them all!

Most people tend to buy all of the digitals because they can’t bear to leave any behind. They’ll usually add some wall art and/or a coffee-table book to their collection.

I really wanted to have some artwork from my baby’s first year. With two children to be photographed, I was a little concerned that there’d be a meltdown or that baby wouldn’t be in the mood. I needn’t have worried. Kath made us all feel at home and relaxed and there were plenty of gorgeous smiles from my baby and her sister. Seeing the resulting images was lovely, and quite an emotional experience. The images really captured our characters, and I know I’m going to love them forever!

Thank you Kath. You are amazing.

Amie Jammeh


We have had our artwork up in the living room for 3 years now and I still smile whenever I look at it. It is my favourite piece in the house. I am so glad we have this special memory.

Katrin Bain