For all you dads out there and mine especially

It’s Father’s Day tomorrow, and it got me feeling a bit gooey. My own dad passed away many years ago.


We had our ups and downs, as most people will do with their parents at times, but looking back, I didn’t realise at the time all he did for me.

I knew he loved me and I knew he tried his best for me and my family. But that old saying of ‘you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone’ is so true. In fact it takes time to really appreciate the legacy someone leaves in your life.


So I wanted to salute all the loving dads out there…


The great and the good dads. The dads who make the world a better place, for their children and for everybody else. The dads who try and fail and still try again. (And of course, for the dads who succeed first time!)

To celebrate and acknowledge good dads everywhere I thought I’d share some pictures I’ve taken over the years of dads with their little princes and princesses. Some are barely visible (or in the case of cheeky chappie peering out from between his legs, there by implication!) Some have that archetypal ‘proud dad’ look on their faces, but all of them are sharing good times with their little ones.


This of course makes me think of my own dad.


If I could speak to him tomorrow I would say, “thank you for giving me my love of sunsets and animals (and all of nature, in fact), my aptitude for DIY and maths, my sense of fair play.



Thank you for trying and failing, and still having the courage to try again.

Thank you for that biting wanderlust that I wouldn’t ever want to be without.

Thank you for explaining to me that night why the moon looked pink (even if the reality was a bit of a downer!) It certainly helped me respect science!


So much of who I am and what I value was influenced and nurtured by you. Your legacy will always be with me.”

Happy Father’s Day everyone.

Here’s hoping all those good dads out there have a great time on their special day.

If you think your dad is great then don’t forget to give him a big hug!





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Kath Cherry

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