Due to the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we are implementing new measures to ensure the maximum care and safety of all parties attending photography sessions. We will maintain social distance whenever possible. We will follow government guidelines for hands on/close contact posing and a safe working environment for all involved until further notice. Please take a moment to read the guidelines below:


Studio photoshoots

  • All props, blankets and clothing will be sanitised with antiviral disinfectant before and after each session as per our normal procedure, but extra attention will be given to sanitising the entire studio between sessions. 
  • No shoes will be allowed in the studio. Please leave them in the changing area when you enter. 
  • You will be asked to wash your hands immediately upon entering the studio and hand sanitizer will be readily available when you need it. 
  • My team and I will wear a face mask and/or face shield for the duration of the session. 
  • All seating areas will be sanitised after each session 
  • Only Immediate family members will be allowed to attend sessions until further notice.

Your Part 

  • Cancel your appointment for a later date if you or any of your party  have any of these symptoms; cough, fever, dizziness, loss of taste or smell, fatigue not caused by lack of sleep or breathing difficulty. 
  • Parents may want  to wear a mask as well. You will be able to remove your mask for the portion of the session where family portraits are taken. Please bring your own mask(s) with you.
  • If you or someone in your home is sick, you must reschedule. If you arrive sick, the session will be cancelled and rescheduled. 

Location photoshoots- your home

  • My team and I will wear a face mask and/or face shield for the duration of the session. 
  • We will remove footwear upon entering your home. 
  • Please ensure that the rooms in which we are working have adequate ventilation.
  • Please ensure that only the people being photographed attend the session.
  • We will have sanitised our hands before arriving at your property and will bring anti-viral hand sanitiser.


  1. I knowingly and willingly consent to a photography session with maraschino photography. 
  2. I understand that the covid-19 virus has a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show any signs or symptoms and still may be contagious. I understand maraschino photography  will take all precautions suggested regarding covid-19 prevention.
  3. I understand that, should I have been diagnosed with covid-19 within 14 days before/after my session I will contact maraschino photography to let them know of my positive diagnosis.
  4. I release maraschino photography from any and all liability associated with receiving a covid-19 positive diagnosis following our session. 
  5. I confirm that no member of my family that will be attending the session has recently been exposed to or experienced any of the following symptoms; Fever, shortness of breath, dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, loss of taste or smell, fatigue not associated with lack of sleep. 
  6. I understand that maraschino photography has the right to cancel or reschedule any session at any point in time due to covid-19 implemented regulations, health concerns, possible exposure or arising symptoms of covid-19, and is not liable for any costs accrued by the client ( ie hair appointments, cake or clothing purchases etc) associated with the cancelled session.
  7. If the session is cancelled or rescheduled due to covid-19 related illness or presenting symptoms, I understand that the session fee paid to maraschino photography  is non-refundable but will be transferred to a new date.