Collaborating with local, like-minded businesses might seem like a bit of a dream. In fact, you may be so proud and protective of your hard-earned reputation that you’d be forgiven for thinking that collaborating with other businesses is a risk you’re not willing to take. But what if we could build beneficial, reciprocal business relationships that benefit both us and our clients? What if we could build brand awareness, locally, in our ideal target markets? And what if we could showcase our most special offers to those ideal clients? I hope you’re interested enough to read a little more…

We all know how far a simple ‘thank you’ goes to making us feel valued and appreciated. A high-value photography gift will earn you tons of goodwill with your clients, as it’s YOUR gift to THEM. Our stylish photography sessions and amazing customer experience are tailored to each and every client.

This offer is all about US HELPING YOU to say thank you to your clients, by gifting them an experience they will love. We will provide you with a beautiful gift certificate, worth over £200, for you to give to your clients as a gift from you. It’s a big ‘thank you’ FROM YOU TO THEM. We will provide these gift certificates at ZERO cost to you, and we can TAILOR the programme especially for you and your clients.

What’s in it for you?

  • Happy clients – it’s a gift of genuine value for your clients, worth over £200.
  • All the products and services we provide with your programme are free of charge to you.
  • We can even administer the rewards programme if that works best for you.
  • You will benefit from enhanced customer retention and referral opportunities, helping to ensure that your business will be your clients’ first choice in the future.
  • We can even provide you with beautiful new artwork for your work space.
  • The goodwill this will generate will come out in all sorts of ways, even if your client doesn’t take up the offer. More and better reviews and testimonials are sure to follow. Happy days!

What’s in it for your clients?

  • A wonderful gift pack with a value in excess of £200.
  • A weekday photography session in our beautiful studio in Greenwich where we will dedicate between 2 hours (babies or maternity sessions) and 4 hours (newborn sessions) of studio time to create gorgeous portraits for your clients (worth £125).
  • A creative consultation (and all the help and advice they want) in advance of the session.
  • A cinema-style ordering appointment within a week of their session when they will see a movie of the glorious portraits we’ve created for them.
  • An 8 x 6 inches framed tabletop portrait (worth £95) of their favourite portrait from the session.
  • An amazing experience and memories (and gift!) that they will treasure for years to come.

What’s in it for me?

  • A new client! Most clients fall in love with their artwork and choose to purchase additional images. However, there’s no obligation to do so.
  • The opportunity to showcase our award-winning photography (and a fantastic offer) to a specific market. This, together with the amazing customer experience we give them, goes a long way to ensure that we are first choice if they ever have need of a photographer in the future.
  • An opportunity for maraschino photography to build brand awareness with our ideal client base.
  • Reviews and testimonials aplenty!
  • The opportunity to collaborate with local, like-minded businesses, building reciprocal relationships that benefit us and our clients.

A bit about maraschino photography…

A specialist newborn photography studio based in Greenwich, south east London. We create beautiful artwork for new mums and dads from the most amazing time of their lives, immortalising these special memories to treasure forever. Owned by award-winning photographer, Kath Cherry.

If you’d like to see what our clients think of us, read our 5 star Google reviews here, and over 60 Facebook reviews here.

There will be lots of other ways we can support each others’ businesses.

Guest blog posts and Facebook articles… Special offers, promotional discounts, that we can each give to our clients from the other. There are probably loads of other examples that I’ve not even thought of yet, so why don’t we get together for a coffee (or you’re welcome to come and have a look at the studio, and get a sample of our hospitality!) so we can throw some ideas about? It’ll only take half an hour, and look what we both might gain? I’ll give you a call in the next couple of days so we can book in a meeting. In the meantime, if you’ve any questions, just call me on my mobile – 07734 205407.

Looking forward to meeting you.

The only fully-qualified Master Photographer in the region specialising in newborn and maternity photography.

What our customers say

Kath was very patient, she knows how to handle babies very well. Great communication, excellent service and an amazing outcome!

Thanks Kath. X

Melissa Martin


I really wanted to have some artwork from my baby’s first year. Seeing the resulting images was lovely, and quite an emotional experience.

Thank you, Kath. You are amazing.

Amie Jammeh


I’ve been raving about the photos Kath took of my son to all of my friends.

I chose very simple styling with soft shadows and no props and they turned out better than I imagined.

Linda Essen-Moller


Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book?

Your baby is changing every day, even if you’re not aware of it. Don’t miss out on capturing them as they are right now. It’s best to book as soon as possible. Availability is limited for these very special offers.

Where do the sessions take place?

All sessions take place in our professional studio in Greenwich, London. Most of our sessions take place on weekdays.

How long do they take?

We dedicate up to two hours for your portrait session though usually we don’t need all this time – except for the most camera-shy!

How should I prepare?

When you reserve your date we’ll also reserve a time for us to have a friendly chat (either on the phone or here at the studio) when we’ll go through all the information you need to help you get the best out of your session.

When do I see the images?

We arrange an ordering appointment usually within 7 days after your studio session.

Can you photograph parents with new babies?

Yes, we encourage it! These images will be absolutely priceless to your little one, once they’re not so little anymore. We can discuss the different options with you after you purchase your voucher.

What about siblings?

Siblings are welcome to come along to your portrait session. Again, we can discuss this and talk through the options with you after you purchase your voucher.

What if my baby is unwell and we can't get to the session?

Obviously unforeseen circumstances can occur and we’re very understanding of this. If you or your baby or anybody else who is to be photographed is ill on the day of your session then please don’t soldier on regardless. It really doesn’t work. If someone isn’t feeling their best then this shows in the photographs and I want to create images you absolutely fall in love with. Just let us know as soon as possible if there is an issue and then concentrate on getting well. We’ll reschedule your session to a time when you and your family can take it all in their stride!

What products do you sell?

We have a huge range of products including, WallArt (Canvas art wraps, gallery and gift frames etc), printable images with Copyright on USB, albums and other print options. Prices range from £45 to £1995. After your studio session we’ll walk you through our gallery and explain in detail all the different options. You’ll also get a product guide to take away and look through before your viewing.

Do I need to bring props and accessories?

We have a large collection to choose from depending on your preferences. However if you have a special outfit, there’s a favourite teddybear, or there’s a gift you’d like your baby to be photographed with then please feel free to bring them with you.