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When you’re looking for a professional photographer you may find it difficult to choose between one photographer and another. With a significant investment of time and money required, choosing the photographer that’s right for you can be a daunting prospect. Lets face it, there are lots of photographers out there and they’ll all be trying to tempt you with their beautiful images. So, how can you be sure the photographer you pick will be the right one for you?

Important aspects to choosing a professional photographer

Here are some factors to consider that will guide you through the maze of choice, reduce your risk and help ensure a delightful outcome.

1. Make sure they really are a professional

The vast majority of photographers out there have no professional photography qualification. That doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t take beautiful pictures. However, lots of people might be able to fix your car, but the low-risk option is to get a qualified professional to deal with it. It’s the same with photography. To lower your risk and ensure you’re dealing with someone who will conduct themselves and their relationship with you in a fair and professional manner, choose someone who’s a qualified member of a reputable professional body, otherwise, what are you actually paying for?

Membership of a professional organisation is an indicator of quality and reliability. It means the photographers’ technical ability and artistic flair has been tested and proven to be of a high enough standard for the professional association to approve this individual. It means this photographer has invested in their business and their craft to a standard that has been recognised by other professionals in the industry. The qualified photographer will display on their website the logo of the professional organisation they’re a member of. It is a seal of approval and an indicator to you that you’re dealing with someone who is established in the industry. Reputable photographic organisations include

the Master Photographers Association

the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers

the Royal Photographic Society.

A more comprehensive list can be found here:

2. A qualified newborn specialist will consider safety to be paramount

Any qualified newborn specialist will have been trained extensively in how to safely pose your little treasure. They will also be fully insured – both professional indemnity and public liability. If in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask. Any professional photographer will be very glad you did!

3. Meet them before you commit yourself

Take the time to pop along to their studio (if they have one) or to meet them first. You’re obviously going to want to check out their work. However what you see on a website and what you see from a large wall portrait should be very different. Take the time to look at sample wall portraits and satisfy yourself that their product range is of a quality you’re happy with. Most importantly, see how you get on with them. Your photographer doesn’t have to be your new best friend, but if you don’t click with them or can’t relax with them, that’s going to show in your images. Do they put you at your ease? Do you feel confident with them? Are they friendly, calm and professional? As a family photographer I am acutely aware that the time you spend with me is your leisure time. My approach is designed to help you feel as relaxed as possible and the sessions to be fun for you and your family.

4. Share your vision with them

Make sure you share with your prospective photographer what you’d like them to create for you and what you’d like from the process. Are they attentive to this? Are their suggestions taking into account your intentions and vision? Are they willing to incorporate your ideas, style and preferences into their creative process?

5. Make sure their product range fits your requirements

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the products you’d like to take away at the end of this process. Most photographers will be keen to discuss this with you as it will direct and guide the images they create for you. For example, the images I create for an album will be different to the images I create for a wall portrait. Whether it’s an heirloom album or something special for the wall ask about quality and price. The sooner you know what your dream take-aways are likely to be, the more chance your photographer will have of making those dreams come true. Fine-art photographers will use archival quality products that will outlive us all. These aren’t cheap but ask about different payment options – there will probably be a way to get something beautiful and of lasting quality within most budgets.

6. Ask about their guarantee policy

Most photographers will design the process of producing your images to ensure that your expectations are exceeded on an on-going basis. However, it’s reassuring for you to know that your investment is safe if something does go wrong. So make sure you understand the guarantee they offer and that you’re happy with it.

I hope that these tips have helped you find your way through the maze of photographers out there. If there’s anything that I can help you with then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Call me on 020 8691 8699 or you can get in touch using our contact form and view a map of London to see where we are. I’m more than willing to help you find the right photographer for you, even if that’s not me!





    • Kath

      Hi and thanks for your support.

      I loved the baby video on your link titled “Newborn photo shoot”. It was recorded and edited by a couple who hired a photographer to do a photography session in their house. What a wonderful idea!


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