Cherubs Baby Photography

Cherubs Baby Photography


You may have received a letter or postcard from us about the special offers available to you through Cherubs Baby Photography.

The Cherubs Baby Photography programme is brought to you exclusively by maraschino photography in South East London as we are the only specialist newborn photography studio in the region to be recommended by the Master Photographers Association. ‘Cherubs’ offers a vast reduction on standard studio prices. This makes them very popular and as they have limited availability they are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

There are 3 offers available through Cherubs Baby Photography:

  • Bump to Baby (if you’re still pregnant or have had your baby within the last week then this is the offer for you).
  • Watch Me Grow (for babies under one year old).
  • My First Birthday (for babies about to turn one year old).

Special offer prices are as detailed in the literature sent to you. To take advantage of the special offer price please contact us or call me on 020 8691 8699 asap. Each of the offers is detailed below.

bump to baby

Fine-art portraits have never been more affordable than with our Bump to Baby exclusive invitation. Included in this fantastic offer are:


  • two professional portrait sessions with the region’s only fully-qualified Master Photographer specialising in maternity and newborn photography. One session to be a maternity portrait session around four to five weeks before your due date. The other to be a newborn portrait session within baby’s first two weeks (ideally when baby is 7 – 10 days).
  • a creative consultation in advance of each session. This is when the creative juices start flowing and is the first element in the design process offered to our clients. For more information on the creative consultation check out the how it works blog post here.
  • a print of your favourite image from each session
  • a silk folio to display your prints
  • a cinema-style viewing and ordering appointment
  • all image editing

Please contact me as early as possible if you’re interested in this offer. Call me on 020 8691 8699 or contact us and let’s find some availability for you.


watch me grow


There’s no need to lose the photography fun just because your baby doesn’t look newborn any more.

In fact Watch Me Grow from Cherubs Baby Photography is designed to create beautiful art from your baby’s most important changes and finest achievements during their first year.

Included in this offer is everything as detailed above except that there are three professional portrait sessions instead of two, with a print from each session.

The sessions have been designed as follows:

The first session is called the early months session

Two to four months old and we’ll be capturing those first gurgling smiles and big, bright eyes.

The second session is called the sitting session

Around 6 to 9 months (-ish, as they’ll all develop in their own time) we can create darling little images to celebrate baby’s new-found sitting skills.


The final session – the standing or first birthday session


Then comes the important business of turning one year old. First birthday sessions are so much fun! If you decide you’d like baby to get stuck into a cake then prepare yourself for the mess! Don’t worry, we provide the towels.

We can even organise the cake, as well as balloons and bubbles and lots of fun stuff for your baby and the rest of the family!

You can find out more information about our birthday photography sessions here.







Of course this is also the time when your baby is learning to stand and walk.

Even if they’re not standing unaided yet, they may have ventured into the cruising-around-furniture stage.

Again, we can create some fantastic images of them looking very-excited-indeed to be standing up!

It’s a trade secret how we get these babbas to be so excited about standing up. In fact if we told you how we do it, you probably wouldn’t believe us!

If you want to know how we do it, the only way you’ll find out this trick is if you book a session!

booking your cherubs baby photography sessions is easy

So don’t delay – your little one is changing every day. Let us make these magical moments indelible in your memory. Just call me on 020 8691 8699 or contact us to reserve your little one’s space in our studio.