Should you need to reschedule your portrait session then just give me a ring on my landline number 020 8691 8699, and provided that I have 48 hours notice we can reschedule without any additional cost. If you ring within this 48 hour notice period then your booking fee would be forfeit and another booking fee would become due.

The exception to this is illness. If anybody is ill on the day of your session, please don’t come! Sick people or pets aren’t going to be feeling or looking their best and I want to take pictures that you’ll absolutely fall in love with, so it’s much better to reschedule than to just push on regardless.

Should you change your mind about the session and wish to cancel then again, provided you ring on my landline number giving 48 hours notice then your booking fee will be refunded to you. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking, or just don’t show on the day, your booking fee will be forfeit.