preparing for your family or pet portrait session

These are the days to hold on to

If you fancy a family photoshoot then you’re lucky! It means there’s something precious in your life worth capturing and making indelible in your memory. So don’t wait until you have the perfect outfits, or it’s the ‘right time’. Before you know it life will have moved on and those memories will be lost. It’s easy to procrastinate and keep putting it off. But I hear from clients all the time about how they wish they’d had a photoshoot years ago, or when their kids were babies, or when their babies were newborn. Time marches on, so if you want to capture what’s precious in your life, then don’t put off your photoshoot any longer. Just use the advice and tips here and the preparation for your photoshoot will be a breeze.

Book your family photoshoot as early as possible

It’s tempting to get extended family involved and make a real occasion of your portrait session. I’d actively urge you to do this, when family are visiting. But don’t put your portrait shoot on hold until there’s a big occasion. You can always come back to the studio once other branches of the family are available. Instead, take bold action and book your shoot so that those memories will be secured and preserved forever.

Consider the very young or older members of your portrait party and the time of the day that best suits their energy levels. It’s important that your shoot is booked for a time when everybody involved can take it in their stride.

Before the session

We have a pre-session consultation before your family or pet photography session. This usually happens by phone or zoom. This is my opportunity to learn more about your artistic preferences and the type of art you’d like me to create for you. We’ll discuss all the creative decisions I’ll be making in the creation of your artwork. This includes the introduction of colour into your images through the use of clothing and accessories. We’ll also discuss whether you’d like elements of your existing décor at home to be included into your portraits, and how we do that.

Why not make a real occasion of it?

It’s natural to want to get as many of the family together as possible for the shoot.  We’ll discuss who is going to be photographed at the creative consultation, to make sure we can accommodate you all.  We are somewhat limited in terms of space in the studio, though. So please only bring with you people and pets who are going to be photographed as we won’t be able to accommodate any spectators! 

Getting all the family together can be a bit of a challenge, like nailing jelly to the wall! If schedules don’t allow you to all get together at the same time, then there is the option of doing more than one session and compositing a portrait together from the various sessions.  Again, we’ll discuss this at your creative consultation if you think it’s something you may be interested in.

preparation on the day of the session

Firstly, and most importantly, if you or any of your party are ill on the day of the session, please don’t soldier on regardless. It never works! If we’re not feeling great, then we’re not going to be looking our best. And that’s going to show in the art I create for you. I want to create artwork that you absolutely fall in love with! Also, I work with lots of very young babies with immune systems that are yet to fully develop. I have a duty of care to all my teeny tiny models to ensure they’re coming into a hygienic and healthy environment. So it’s much better to just give us a ring and we will reschedule to a time when you and your family can take it all in your stride.

Make sure you bring with you all of the outfits and accessories we discussed at your creative consultation, and anything else you might want included in your portraits. I’m not above a bit of bribery if needed!

Have I missed anything?

If you still have questions on preparing for your family photography session then please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 07734 205407. Looking forward to meeting you and your family soon.


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