After the session


At the end of your session we will book a viewing and ordering appointment for you. This is an opportunity for you to view a slideshow of your images, projected large onto our cinema screen and choose the images you want to buy. Before your sales viewing, we’ll work some digital wizardry on your images, turning great shots into truly fantastic shots. Prepare to be impressed!

see yourself on the silver screen

Your sales viewing is a unique experience. Once the house lights are dimmed, the feature presentation can begin! The very best shots from your portrait shoot, after hours of tender loving care in post-production, will be projected onto our cinema screen. It is the culmination of all that has gone before – the lights, cameras and action!
Well, it’s undeniable that this can be an emotional experience. There may be tears! Therefore there’ll be a glass of something chilled and fizzy and a box of tissues to hand! We may even provide popcorn! If there are other members of the family who may also be interested in purchasing images, please bring them too – the more the merrier. It may be easier for you, though, if you organise a babysitter and leave the children at home for this part, you’re probably going to want to give this your undivided attention.

the wonders of modern technology

One of the features of our viewing software is we can show you your completed artwork, mounted and framed, on your own walls, and to scale. Wow! This is great as it takes all of the guesswork out of your purchase. All we need from you is a picture of the wall(s) you’re considering as the new home for your artwork. The picture doesn’t need to be high quality (a picture taken on a mobile phone will work just fine). However, it does need to have something of a known size in it. For some quick tips on how to take the wall pictures we need, just click here..

Once you’ve chosen the images you want to buy, we will guide you through the different wall hanging and album options. Our gallery has lots of examples of our beautiful, high quality frames and canvases so you can see and touch the products before you make your final choice.

collecting your products

We will call you when your products are ready for collection. Many of our products are hand made to your individual requirements, which takes time. Your order will usually be ready for collection within four to six weeks, though it may be longer for some of our more exotically-sourced items!

the best form of advertising

Hopefully, you’ll be so delighted with your fine art portraits that you’ll want to tell all your friends. If we’ve done our job, though, you won’t have to. Once your portraits are on the wall we hope that visitors to your home will say “Wow, who did that?” Please tell them it was us! And for every friend you recommend to us that buys wall hangings or other presentation products we’ll send you a special little something to say ‘thank you’.