We’re proud to offer a bespoke design service as part of what we do for you

There are three parts to the process of working with us. Before your portrait session we have a creative consultation, then there’s the session itself and within a week after the session there’s the ordering appointment.

The creative consultation happens by phone and usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes. It’s my opportunity to find out more about your artistic preferences and the kind of artwork that you’d like me to create for you. The more I know about what you love, the better-placed I am to be able to create it for you. We’re here for as much help and advice as you need in advance of your portrait session.

Your portrait session happens in our beautiful studio in Brockley. We reserve up to 4 hours for your newborn session, 2 hours for maternity or baby sessions. Our clients have an amazing time, here’s what one of them had to say about the experience of a portrait session with us.

I am delighted to have chosen Maraschino Photography for my daughter’s portraits. Kath is really an amazing professional keen to work with you to give you the best experience ever. She not only made some amazing artistic pictures of my daughter, but was also able to catch her unique expressions. I had an artistic consultation with her before our shoot and her advice was very much valuable. On the day of the shooting she was amazing with the baby and made me feel so comfortable that we ended up by having a lot of fun. I definitely recommend Maraschino to anyone who would like to have beautiful memories of the first weeks of their newborn.

Federica Franco - Greenwich

Your ordering appointment will be arranged for within one week of your portrait session. You’ll see a movie of the best of the portraits we’ve created for you, projected large on our cinema screen. For many new mums it’s the nearest thing to a night out that they’re going to have for a while. We’ll even provide the popcorn!

From the date of your order, and depending on the products you’ve ordered, turnaround time is usually between 4 and 6 weeks before your products are ready for collection.